About Us

Hotlotz was founded in 2015 and has rapidly grown to become the largest auction house in Singapore. We hold more online sales each year that any other regional saleroom. In 2020 we launched the online Hotlotz Marketplace which offers a wide range of hand-selected items for immediate purchase at fixed prices.

Our business is led by English expatriate Matthew Elton who opened it after struggling to find good quality secondary market items for a renovation project. Just six months later Hotlotz was conceived ( .... and the renovation project was placed on hold!). Today our appraisers, valuers and consultants are drawn from around the world. Many have experience gained whilst working for some of the world's leading auction houses. Hotlotz is completed by a fantastic team of professionals who deliver our client services and in-house back office functions.

Our saleroom is located on the edge of Singapore's hip heritage neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru, and is open five days a week. We have an open door policy and warmly welcome both auction 'regulars' and new clients. All our auctions take place online so we have a well-established digital presence. We invest in the latest 'auction tech' and this allows us to reach the widest range of local and international buyers. 

We are most proud of the strong, trusted relationships that we build with our clients. Much of the growth of our business has come from personal recommendations. We aim to consistently provide high quality 'Singapore Standards' of service. We are all passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated and we continually try to find new ways to innovate so that we can improve. 

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