Selling with Hotlotz

If you have less than five items you can request a free appraisal using the 'Sell With Us’ online form. Our appraisers will review your submission, and, if your item is suitable for sale at Hotlotz, we will provide you with an appraisal and our recommendations on how best to market your item. 

If you are larger quantities or you are representing a family estate or a business, or you would like to talk to us about consigning a large collection or the partial or full contents of a property, please send us an introductory email in the first instance, rather than using the 'Sell With Us' form.


We try to offer fair advice as to what we could expect to achieve for your items in the current market. We work off what other similar examples have fetched and any other available prevailing market data.

For items in auction we will suggest a low and high estimate range and an opening bid amount.  Selling items at auction is not an exact science however, and there is nothing stopping any works from making more than their estimates.

Our aim is to get your items in front of as many potential buyers as possible and get bidders engaged and motivated to bid.


When you consign an item into our care we will issue you with an electronic 'Saleroom Receipt'. This is filed in your online account and lists the items and any condition issues that we have noted on arrival.

Sales Strategy

We hold regular 'Home & Decor' sales and specialist sales, and have the fixed price Hotlotz Marketplace, so we are able to ensure that each item is sold in the most appropriate way to achieve the best price for our sellers. Our appraisers will discuss your items with you and then prepare a sales strategy for your consideration.

Sales Contract

For each item that you consign for sale with Hotlotz, in an auction or in the Hotlotz Marketplace, we will post an electronic 'Sales Contract' in your online account for your consideration and acceptance. This contract requires your electronic acceptance of our terms & conditions. It gives us your authority to sell the item listed on your behalf at the agreed prices and for the agreed fees.

The electronic sales contract also include full details of your item including its catalogue description, all relevant pricing information and fees and our sales strategy.

Nothing will be sold without your explicit agreement.

Seller's Fees

We typically charge a commission based upon the price achieved in sale. We are therefore highly motivated to deliver strong results. Our appraisers will discuss our commission rates with you. Most consignment is accepted with no upfront fees and no unsold charges.

Seller’s Commission

We charge a seller's commission based on an agreed percentage of the selling price on each item that sells in an auction or in the Hotlotz Marketplace, with a minimum charge of $35 per item.

Insurance Fees

We charge a fee equal to 1.605% w/GST (1.5% w/o GST) of the selling price of each item that sells in auction or in the Hotlotz Marketplace.  If decide that you would prefer to self insure you must ensure you have adequate cover in place.

Withdrawal Fees

If you change your mind and decide to withdraw an item from sale after you have signed a sales contract you will be invoiced for 5.35% w/GST (5% w/o GST) of the low estimate/ Marketplace price or $50 per item, whichever is higher.


All selling prices, including commissions and fees, are inclusive of GST where applicable.


Sale results are listed on our website after the auction. You will also be sent an email with a link to your settlement statement which lists details of the sale, including the hammer price and details of our commission and any other relevant charges.

Settlement Payments

Payment is made by bank transfer no later than 21 working days after a sale assuming that we have received full payment from your buyer. We act as agents and cannot be held responsible if your buyer does not pay. We cannot pay you (or release the item to the buyer) until we have received cleared funds from the buyer.

Please enter your bank account details carefully in your online account and ensure that they remain up-to-date. Payments will be made by bank transfer to this account and they will be accompanied by a settlement statement which we send you by email. You are responsible for any bank levied charges or foreign currency conversion fees relating to the transfer of funds to or from Hotlotz.

Unless we have explicitly agreed otherwise, we will not pay settlements by cash or cheque. 

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